Friday, January 27, 2006

"After Hours at the Black Hole" Accepted

i got the pleasing news today that On Spec has accepted my story "After Hours at the Black Hole". i'll pass on the issue number and so on when that is settled. the scoop so far is that it will be used within the next two years.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What's Available, What's Not...Yet

the following postings are the backbone of this blog, so you might want to check them out, besides reading the latest postings. i do add material to these as it comes up--such as when i finish a story. (see "Traversing the Wilderness.")
Currently Available Work
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Old Stuff I Wrote Back When
Running Mates--Others in the Pack

Potlatch 15

i'll be venturing down to seattle to Potlatch 15 the last weekend of february. i am very much looking forward to it. it is a small con that is oriented toward readers and writers, and serves as a fundraiser for the clarion west writers' workshops. this year the book under discussion is the Avram Davidson Treasury. imagine a con where everybody has read and is talking about the same book...

here is a note i sent a few moments ago, on the book selection:


when i come across something i really like i often do a brief scan of who i think might also enjoy it, and your name has just popped up.

i'm reading the book chosen for discussion at this year's Potlatch (Potlatch 15), which you may or may not know is a small readercon held in seattle in february. it's my first time there and i'm psyched to be going to a con where books are very much of interest. anyway, off track here.

the book is the Avram Davidson Treasury, and although i've read a few of his stories over time--most notable "The Golem", which i liked so much i read it to a couple of friends subsequently--i have never had a concentrated dose of this brilliant man's writing before. brilliant and zany, erudite, often hilarious. i've just finished one where a dentist is kidnapped by aliens and must be saved by colleagues in the american dental association. sounds ridiculous but reads wonderfully. ("Help! I am Dr. Morris Goldpepper")

based on what i've read of your stuff, i think you would really enjoy Avram's stories.



and i bet you would, too, dear reader.

Mike Coney Interview

happily, my interview of Mike Coney, completed shortly before his death on 4 november 2005, has been accepted for publication by Strange Horizons. i will update this notice with the publication date and url when the time comes.