Saturday, July 19, 2014

Point: Poem Up at Linnet's Wings

I don't often send my poetry out--well, practically never, actually--so I was pleased when the Irish magazine Linnet's Wings accepted my poem "Point". You can pop over there to see it and everything else they have on offer, or you can just read it here:


there is no response
but standstill
to this fresh hit

past and future
so far foreshortened
press in against now

as a single point
i neither flee nor speak
nor hide away
there is nothing left
but this

Monday, June 02, 2014

Bitten By Life: Paranormal Maven Needs Help!

A few years ago when my story collection had been out for a few months, I was directed by someone in the know to a review site for paranormal literature called Bitten By Books.

I was shy and rather out of place there (not really being a writer of paranormal fiction, but what the hey), but what I found was a welcome and assistance far beyond any other I had encountered in my attempts to promote the book. Rachel was wise, witty, and well-informed, but she was also kind and patient and very encouraging.

I am the worst sort of person to try to self-promote, and I will probably never attempt it again. But in her hands I had the courage to do things like do a lengthy video interview, a daylong chat, and a contest where I gave away not only my book but wrote a story and a poem from the winners' prompts. It was fun and I am so grateful to her for all her help over that time. All of which was given for no remuneration, and with grace and good humour.

Recently I contacted Rachel for the first time in quite a while, and learned that due to ill health and the costs that attend it in the USA, where socialized medicine is not yet a reality, she has been in very difficult straits. With her husband she is trying to get back to Seattle where he can get work, but they are having trouble putting the money together for the move. 

Rachel and Husband Clif
To learn more about Rachel's situation, please go to the following link. Let's give a little back to one of the legion of volunteers out there who are helping put us in touch with the books and the audiences we readers and writers want so much.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Cover Art Up!

The cover for Canadian Tales of the Fantastic Vol. 4 is up, along with the list of authors and all the info needed for pre-orders. (Release scheduled for September 2014.) 

Not bad, eh?

From the Red Tuque website:

Title: Canadian Tales of the Fantastic Volume IV
Authors: Jennifer Pohl, Virginia Laveau, Casey Wolf, Dana Luken, Derek Donais, Deborah Cannon, Shirley Barr, Jennifer R. Albert, Caroline Todd, Stephen Boylen, Frank Babics, Drew Davis, Louis Groarke
ISBN: 9781927049037
Publisher: Red Tuque Books
Price: 15.95

***** Release Date September 1, 2014 *****

We have in this collection, worlds of ghosts and terror, re-workings of traditional and native myth, moral twists, hair-raising pilgrimages, humorous pastiches, 'tongue-in-cheek' underworlds, enchanted hockey games, the exploration of life after death, near future SF. These stories form somewhat of an odyssey, and it's inspiring to see such evocative material being presented by Canadian writers.

 - Chris Turner, author of Tales of Other Worlds.

It was a pleasure to act as a judge for the anthology, and to see clearly that Canada's writing community is as strong as ever. Each story created a vivid world into which the reader was swept, and a common strength of the stories was this ability to set the scene.

 - Bennett R. Coles, author of Virtues of War.

With gnomes, ghosts, witches, shape-shifters, time travellers, Ogopogo, world building yoga and hockey, this eclectic collection of thirteen Canadian stories of the Fantastic has a little something for everyone. I hope the readers of this anthology will enjoy the stories as much as I did.

 - David Korinetz, author of FireDrakes.

Friday, May 23, 2014

VCon 39 Fast Upon Us

A headsup, a rather distant headsup, that is, for those Pacific Southwest Canadians (and our cousins across the 49th P) who are planning to come to this year's SF convention. Thrills and spills promised below:

VCON: Vancouver BC's premiere science fiction, fantasy and games convention, since 1971.
VCON 39 will be held October 3-5, 2014
at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford hotel
VCON 39 Theme:
Military Might
From Swords & Sorcery to Phasers & Grasers
VCON 39 is also CANVENTION 34!
Come join us for three days of fannish fun and multi-track programming including:
Art Show & Auction • Vendors Hall • Author Readings • 24-Hour Games Rooms
Multi-Author Book Launch • Writers Workshops • Demos • Academie Duello
Artists Alley • Frankenstuffies • Fan Groups • Costume Contest • Panels
Hospitality Suite • Dance • Elrons • Turkey Readings • Workshops
VCON 39 Guests of Honour:
Author GoH: David Weber
(Honor Harrington Series; Safehold Series, Dahak Series)

Artist GoH: David Mattingly
(Cover Illustrator for David Weber's Honor Harrington Books)

Game Design GoH: Bruce Heard
(Early TSR employee, BXMCI version of D&D - Mystara, World of Calidar)
Canvention 34 Guests of Honour:
Canvention Guest Author: Tarol Hunt

Canvention Guest Artist: Melissa Mary Duncan

On Linnet's Wings: Poem Sale

I'm pleased to learn that my poem "point" will be in the Summer 2014 issue of The Linnet's Wings.

A linnet from the RSPB website
According to their website:

The Linnet's Wings is a literary magazine that was founded, in Edgeworthstown, in Co. Longford, in the Irish Republic, in 2007. 

She builds on the voices of the past: Irish and International. And she's supported by an international team of editors.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Third Place for the Posture

I'm pleased to announce that my story "Posture of the Infinite" took third place in the Red Tuque writing contest, and will be published in its upcoming anthology, Canadian Tales of the Fantastic, Vol. 4.

See the post below for more details.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Story Sale: Posture of the Infinite

As most of you will know I dropped out of circulation a couple of years ago when I received a cancer diagnosis. Instead of writing stories I became focussed on my health. I'm no longer worried about this particular bout of cancer, and have been gradually catching up on projects I let go at that time.

Over the Christmas holidays I spent a couple of weeks revising four stories I had written and sent out and not followed up on when they came home, hats in hand. One of these was "Posture of the Infinite", which I wrote in 2010 as a prize for Elisa Jankowski, a participant in my Bitten By Books Interview and Chat. You can follow this link to find out how the prize worked and what the story is about, roughly, and this one to see her response to the story.

Well, 2010 was a long time ago and when I dusted off the story I had an urge to change it a wee bit, which I did and then sent it off to Red Tuque Books for their upcoming anthology Canadian Tales of the Fantastic Volume IV. (Look for it in September of this year.) I am happy to report that "Posture" made the first cut. This means it will be in the anthology, but there is a second round of blind judging where the first, second, and third prizes are decided, and "Posture" is now in that round.

Some of you may remember that Eileen Kernaghan and I did the second round judging for the first Canadian Tales of the Fantastic in early 2011. So it is fun to have a story going into its successor.

Red Tuque releases an anthology annually, but the theme varies. The first was speculative fiction, the second mysteries, the third romance. The one now announced with a deadline of 31 December 2014 is mysteries again. So sharpen those pencils, folks...

Moment of misery: I've spent an hour trying to get Blogger to upload an image for this post. Not at all happy with Google's mucking about. Oh, for the halcyon days of yore...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

VCon 38

Dragged the little ones to their first SF con, and was joined by Lila, as well. A good time was had by all.

Barbara M.Gordon & Paula Johanson at the SF Canada table.

My Associates.

Ready for the Masquerade.
Exposing Difficult Truths.

Sercon Stuff at the Writers Workshop.
Fran Skene Kicking Off the Turkey Readings

Make it Good, Casey. Knock 'Em Dead.

Wild Turkeys... As It Were...