Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Claude" on Beam Me Up! Podcast

Today Paul Cole uploaded Beam Me Up!, his weekly SF radio show on WRFR. "Claude and the Henry Moores" is the feature story. It was fun to read, and Paul has added Stirring Music to the sound track to fun it up yet more.

I really like Paul's show. He finds weird fannish music (like this week's "Cube Land"by Laura Shigihara), chats about science and SF news, and features one or two short stories a week. Have a listen!

Monday, November 21, 2011

"Invicta" Available at The Link Online

My story "Invicta" is now available for free download as part of the Nov./Dec. issue of The Link magazine.

"Invicta" tells the story of a woman who lives...through the library.

sorry! this link is broken. i'll provide the story on this blog. look at the Pages here.

Writers About to Appear on the Wrong Side of the Road

The anthology _Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road_, edited by Clayton Bye and Sassy Brit, is about to hit the shelves. Well, the internet shelves. It is mostly being targetted at online audiences, but you can buy the book in paper or e-format. If you are a local yokel (Vancouver) and want a copy, save on postage by ordering along with me when I get my copies. I have 3 stories in the book: "The Cenotaph", "Pronghorns", and "Triona’s Beans" — that last with Finnish author Païvi Kuosmanen.

You can preorder paper or e-book at

Shipping commences 25 November 2011.

Sorry for the lack of a hyperlink. Blogger has gone completely weird. I haven't been able to control my post details in weeks.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

At Last! Mrs Zaberewsky Meets the (little) Screen!

For a taste of "This is for Mrs Zaberewsky", as performed by the Pallahaxi Readers Theatre at VCon 36, click away below or go to YouTube and view it on Steph St Laurent's channel. Unfortunately, the camera boobled half way through, but you get a good dose of our humble homage to the late Michael Coney and his staple of yester-VCons, The Lonely Cry Readers Theatre.

Virginia O'Dine of Bundoran Press as Narrator.
Steph St Laurent as Wikta.
Theo Arnott Campbelll as Mrs Zaberewsky and Droodla the alien.
Rhea Rose as Mrs Jablonski, ramp, and Unglubump the alien.
Casey Wolf as prompter (and of course author).

Popcorn permitted but not supplied. Enjoy.