Friday, November 09, 2007

"Miss Lonelygenes" Finds a Home

Ahmed Khan is at it again! SF Waxes Philosophical will be hitting the stands this month, but he is already hard at work editing a new anthology, this one commissioned by Mohammad Aurangzeb Ahmad. In Ahmed's words:

Mohammad Aurangzeb Ahmad is a freelance writer and doctoral student in Computer Science. He created and maintains what is probably the most extensive resource on the subject of "Islam and SF" - Muslims Writing Science Fiction.

He has asked me to co-edit an anthology of SF stories that feature Islam or at least one Muslim character in a positive light. He feels that at these times when Islam and Muslims are being negatively stereotyped, an anthology of this kind would be a good idea. And I agree.

I agree, as well, and as luck would have it, had available a story which fit into the market, and which Ahmed has purchased for the collection. The story is entitled "Miss Lonelygenes' Secret". In this story you will find a scientist who matches—and sometimes improves upon—potential spouses based on their genotypes. But her own life isn't going so terribly well...

If you have something to submit, the deadline is January 31, 2008, and all the info is on Ahmed's Writer's Blog at


Claude Makes the Cover!

Bit of an egoboo to have Claude the featured story in this month's issue of Storyteller magazine. The magazine is beautifully laid out and generous with well-wrought illustrations. It is cross-genre, so be ready for scary stories in addition to the high-flying Claude tale.
Unfortunately, they haven't changed their website yet, so this issue isn't shown there. A few copies are left if you want to grab one--or grab a year's subscription for about $30.