Monday, June 02, 2014

Bitten By Life: Paranormal Maven Needs Help!

A few years ago when my story collection had been out for a few months, I was directed by someone in the know to a review site for paranormal literature called Bitten By Books.

I was shy and rather out of place there (not really being a writer of paranormal fiction, but what the hey), but what I found was a welcome and assistance far beyond any other I had encountered in my attempts to promote the book. Rachel was wise, witty, and well-informed, but she was also kind and patient and very encouraging.

I am the worst sort of person to try to self-promote, and I will probably never attempt it again. But in her hands I had the courage to do things like do a lengthy video interview, a daylong chat, and a contest where I gave away not only my book but wrote a story and a poem from the winners' prompts. It was fun and I am so grateful to her for all her help over that time. All of which was given for no remuneration, and with grace and good humour.

Recently I contacted Rachel for the first time in quite a while, and learned that due to ill health and the costs that attend it in the USA, where socialized medicine is not yet a reality, she has been in very difficult straits. With her husband she is trying to get back to Seattle where he can get work, but they are having trouble putting the money together for the move. 

Rachel and Husband Clif
To learn more about Rachel's situation, please go to the following link. Let's give a little back to one of the legion of volunteers out there who are helping put us in touch with the books and the audiences we readers and writers want so much.