Friday, October 31, 2008

Readers' Reactions to Finding Creatures & Other Stories

I keep getting these wonderful comments from readers. (Yes, yes, most of whom are my friends, but who else would be the first readers of a new book?) I've been saving them in a file that I supposedly will go back and thumb through in my old age or something. But why not share a few with you now?

The photo above is pretty eloquent all by itself. That's Tracy Lowe of Victoria, B.C., falling into the psychic entrapment of my prose. (Well...okay not really.)


Wow!!! I absolutely love the cover. And all those recommendations.

-- Eileen Kernaghan.

I have nearly finished your book. I have been truly amazed at the layers in every story I've read so far. Of course, many I heard you read at our group. Each time I read them, I discover more innuendos, more knowledge, and more delights. Your intellect is so vast and keen. I am thrilled by the changing voices and philosophies, too.

Well done! I hope it sells vast numbers of copies--it really deserves to, you know.

When it's listed on Amazon, I shall write a glowing review.

-- Julie Ferguson.

V-con and you and the whole damn thing were great! And so far your book is blowing me away. Wow. I mean it. Wow.

-- Jo McBride Wilson

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed last night. You read beautifully, and the story was so interesting, mysterious and engaging. And I loved how you handled the presence of the 2 kids. And the music was a wonderful surprise, too.

Thanks for letting me know about it. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the stories.

-- Anne Hepper

Listen, Casey J, you may get very very tired of hearing this, but Claude and the Henry Moores is just a pure sweetheart of a story; if I never read any further it's been worth it. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Another reason I liked it was I used to live on Beverly Street (in Judith Merril's house), and I knew some of the sculptures in the story. Well, not as well as Claude, but well enough to be on a nodding acquaintance basis. My all-time fave Moore is The Archer outside Toronto's City Hall. I remember him as being a bit curmudgeonly (that's what being around so many politicians will do to you) but quite a student of civic politics. If I run into Claude sometime, I'll introduce them to each other, and he can work his magic.

See, there's the magic in your story. It's completely easy-breezy to assume Claude's a real person and slip into his world, one where among other things aliens live trapped in sculptures. Do you think you'd ever revisit Claude and his project?

Nicely done.

-- Michael Price

Casey I love your book. Powerful messages oozing from the belly of that book, it's like the earth protesting and trembling from below. They aren't just stories for a story's sake, there are messages, there is a purpose - I like that.

-- Maggie V. Jones

I'm excited about sharing your stories with the people in my life - thank you for writing them. They are beautiful, and they change how I am in the world. It's a little easier to look out at the people on the skytrain and the bus and feel at home, and notice possibilities of connection and wonder and just plain good stuff.

-- Patti Powell

Just read Thunderbirds - totally loved it. I think the thing I love most about your writing is your tone - warm, affectionate, funny, compassionate and curious. I also love how erudite (I probably should look this up to see what it means - I think it means knowledgeable) you are, each story is an education. And on top of that you have such a uniquely creative imagination - understanding a tree from the inside out gave me shivers.

-- Samantha Sanderson

I am LOVING it - absolutely superb. DEVOURING it.

-- Gemma Dubaldo.

Your book is a phenomenal accomplishment!! Would you please send me 2 more copies autographed?

-- Sister Cecilia Tallack.

Isn't that last one fun? She was my teacher in Grade 4. I was a little worried she might not like it...

Casey, your book arrived here yesterday and I've been reading it at every spare minute since! It's great! I'm up to beginning 'Miss Lonelygenes' and I've loved all the stories so far. I certainly won't ever see a Henry Moore sculpture in quite the same way again! Great! I love it! When is the next volume coming out.....?!

-- Julie Bond.

Wonderful, imaginitive and varied, an endlessly interesting collection of short stories, that linger in the mind. Ms. Wolf writes in a fresh modern way, her sense of humour a friendly delight! Thanks Casey! (Review from LibraryThing.)

--Krista Reich

I am treasuring your book and enjoying being with you on this journey.

-- Esther Hisza

Finding Creatures & Other Comforts:

Hi, Casey, I _know_ it's "other stories" but still. I finished reading the collection this afternoon--at least all the stories original to it--and am finding myself feeling uplifted. Not in a David Brin way but rather in a quiet, yes, that's the way it could be manner.

Thank you.

--Peter Halasz

Warmest of hugs to you, with a grateful heart.... I am n the 3rd reading of your book btw.

--Gemma Dubaldo

Sorry for not having emailed you yet to say how much I enjoyed Finding Creatures. Also, it's a beautifully made book--congrats to all concerned. A real review in SFC (Science Fiction Commentary)--when I get around to it.

--Bruce R. Gillespie

Cheers, love, hugs, whatever works.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some Launch Photos I Didn't Get Around to Putting Up Before

Mine is not to question why. Blogger wants to put the later photos before the earlier ones, who am I to argue?

So, in reverse chronological order:
Me reading at Pulp Fiction, 11 October. (photo Nick Zenthoefer)
Alison of Jonathan Teague & Friends, warming the crowd at Pulp Fiction. (photo C. June Wolf)

Eileen Kernaghan reading from Finding Creatures at White Dwarf. 28 September.
Me again! Signing at White Dwarf. (both photos, Julie Ferguson)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Internet Interview

I was interviewed at VCon by Irma Arkus of Hi-Sci-Fi (Friday is Alright for Nerding): The Ultimate Geek Radio Show. We were in the swanky penthouse boudoir of Con Chair Danielle Stephens at Surrey's Compass Point Inn. The show airs on the internet Fridays 5-6 PM PST at 90.1 FM (CJSF) and my interview will be archived on the website when it is done being edited.

I am as curious as anyone else to know what I said. I'd been told it was for a student radio program, so I thought, great! No one will ever hear it! Consequently I was fairly playful and unguarded in my thoughts...

Oh, oh.

Well, time will tell.