Thursday, January 04, 2018

"Delta Marsh" published in Reckoning 2

I'm happy to report that my story "Delta Marsh" is included in this year's Reckoning magazine (Reckoning 2). The story burbled up one day many years ago when I made a visit to the marsh and the research station there. I left it for ages and then came across it again, rewrote it, and discovered Michael J. deLuca's wonderful magazine. It felt like a great fit for the story and how lovely that the editor agreed. 

I've also recorded a podcast of the story (at the Vancouver Public Library's wonderful and free Inspiration Lab)--Michael will likely post it when my story is made available on the website. The way this works is, over the next few months the stories listed in the table of contents below will be put up on the website. So if you want to have a read of the stories very very gradually, you can get them this way. (Though they won't be a lovely epub download like the full anthology). "Delta Marsh" will probably come out at the end of March. I'll keep you posted.

Here's a little idea of what you will find in the journal, and links to where you can buy it ($7 US). Michael is also going to be releasing the stories one at a time online, though I'm not sure exactly where. Check here to see what's up.

Reckoning 2

reckoning 2 cover
A locus for the conflict between the world as it has become 
and the world as we wanted it to be. 

Ebook release: December 21, 2017. e-ISBN: 9780998925226
Ebook available now!
Weightless Books
Barnes & Noble
Print release: June 21, 2018.
248 pages, 67,000 words.


Cover: Rebirth – Archan Nair
Disintigreetings – Pepe Rojo
Once It Was a Tree – Oneslutriot
Earthspun – Krista Hoeppner Leahy
The Bull Who Bars the Gate to Heaven – Zella Christensen
I’m the Villain, Ok? – Mary Alexandra Agner
A Hundred Years From Now – Mohammad Shafiqul Islam
Development – F.J. Bergmann
Will We Be Good and Kind At The End – Kelly Madden
A Wispy Chastening – D.A. Xaolin Spires
Rumpelstiltskin – Jane Elliott
To the Place of Skulls – Innocent Ilo
Girl Singing with Farm – Kathrin Köhler
The Complaint of All Living Things – Joanne Rixon
Fourth-Dimensional Tessellations of the American College Graduate – Marie Vibbert
Delta Marsh – Casey June Wolf
The Shale Giants – Marissa Lingen
An Oasis of Amends – Floris M. Kleijne
The Alice Grey – Santiago Belluco
Lanny Boykin Rises Up Singing – Jess Barber
Night of No Return – Grace Seybold
Editor’s Note: On Having a Kid in the Climate Apocalypse – Michael J. DeLuca
A Ghost Can Only Take – Justin Howe
From Paris, With Rage – George F.
‘You are from the U.S.’ – Yukyan Lam
A Kinder And More Caring Future? – Brian Francis Slattery

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