Sunday, May 29, 2005

What's Chewing--


long time no post. but lots is happening in its slow and quiet way. i am working on a variety of stories--too many wonderful things keep coming to mind to just write ONE! and of course they all seem to require lots of supplementary reading. i sometimes think i write to justify research. especially when i get to read and reread and rereread some wonderful bits to get them really straight in my head, to put them into the context of all else that is going on in the story, even if it never actually hits the paper. very much like getting to spend all day in the sandbox, if you ask me.

one story is nearing completion that i am quite happy about, because of the opportunity it has given me to explore Celtic myth and pre-Christian religion and tell a tale i enjoy, to boot. It's called "Fionn McCumhaill and the White Worm of Dun na Gall", and we can but hope it gets into circulation soon. watch for a preview here when i am quite happy with it.

another fun thing is that at the urging of Eileen Kernaghan i approached Fran Skene of V-Con 30's con-com and have been invited as one of the minor minion-type writers to the con in Vancouver on 7-9 October 2005. very much looking forward to that. i always love the cons anyway, and it feels very encouraging to have taken this tiny but pleasing step in My Writing Life. besides, i've always envied the panelists because they are the only ones who have access to the water jugs during those long dusty talks.

i hope if you are in the area you will come to visit me at the con (guests of honour Robert Silverberg & Karen Haber) and have a look at Tesseracts 9, which should be out in just a couple more weeks.

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