Friday, September 30, 2005

Coming in from the Rain

well, it's begun--that beautiful wet cool that slides so easily into monotonous grey. strangely, i love this time of year. i don't have to feel guilty about staying in writing instead of enjoying the sun. it's easy to find my cats at night. (who wants to be out in that?) i feel baking urges (womanfully resisted), and my weekly writers' workshop starts up again.

yesterday was our second class for the season, and i was so juiced when i got home i fixed up the story i'd just workshopped, and then spent several hours packaging up new and returned stories for their next travel adventure. so basically the entire day was spent with writing-related work. i even decided to write a story especially for a submissions call i had received a couple of months ago but had nothing for. normally i would just forget it, but this one kept coming back to me, so i finally gave in to the Call. i figured i would get to it today.

well, but, my little brain started turning over the subject matter as i lay snuggled in bed, waiting for sleep to come. and the more i poked at the soil the more material i found to work with, and the next thing you know i was hauling my butt back out of bed (at 20 after 12) and turning the computer back on, sore arms and all, and for the next three hours just poured myself into the story. i've posted a little excerpt of Claude and the Henry Moores. you can find it by peeking below this entry, at ~Den Keeping~, or by following this link: Traversing the Wilderness: Works In Circulation.

i am like the guy in the story. i don't like staying up all night. but this time it was no problem at all. i was so swept away with the story that sleep didn't come even long after i was done. what a wonderful experience. of course, i was a little woozy today when i got up and started the second draught, but that was a small sacrifice for the joy of writing so enthusiastically, and being so happy with the result.

tonight, though, maybe i'll crash a little earlier...



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