Monday, July 23, 2007

At Last, Something to Report!

well, i have indeed been absent from this blog.

not that i stopped writing--far from it. it's been a bumper year. i've written several short stories and the first draught of a novel, and am enjoying great rewards in those directions. as i wrote to Alette Willis (whose fine story "Thought and Memory" in Tesseracts 9 is what got us acquainted in the first place) this morning:

writing is going well; publishing has been going HORRIFICally.

luckily, the writing is more important to me than the publishing, but still, it's discouraging sometimes.

most of the time, i'm not thinking about that. i'm enjoying the reading and researching and writing and chewing my thumbs and wondering and stretching my brain and all of that fun stuff.

i like how many interesting things i get to ponder more deeply than when i am just reading about them, and how connected i feel to them and the world as a result. and when i write something i particularly like, i feel this pleased sense of well-being, which is very cool.

and this morning, after about 18 months of no thank yous, Ahmed Khan let me know he wants a story of mine for his new anthology. i'm really happy about that, even more so because i really like what he is doing as an editor.

so there you have it. Ahmed Khan's new anthology has the working title SF Waxes Philosophical, and it is open to submissions till 15 august, so go have a look and see what this intriguing Canadian writer and editor is up to now.

click on this link and search SF Waxes Philosophical. for a look at his most unusual anthology Fall and Rise, click here, and for a list of his own works, click here.

and thanks, Ahmed. it's fun playing in the sandbox all day long. but it's a relief to have someone come by and say, "wow, i love your sandcastles!" now and then.

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