Thursday, July 10, 2008

Going On Air Monday!

If you happen to be in Haiti on Monday, you can check out the one-hour program starring myself, Dé Bryant, Amanda Schramm and Stephanie Snyder, being interviewed about our visit to Haiti. The interviewer, Carla Bluntschlii, started off by asking us how people reacted when told we were coming to Haiti, at a time when food riots and kidnappings and clay pies were in the news (see my Notes from Haiti, below). Then she went on to ask what our actual experiences had been, why we came at all, would we come back...

Here is the note she sent today:

Dearest all,
Your words of sincerity and love of Haiti in spite of the obstacles will run through the veins of the people of Haiti on Monday afternoon. This afternoon I will be going to translate clips that we will use for the show on Monday.
May you be blessed as you go on this earth and know that your courage and lives have given strength to many others!
love to you all,

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