Friday, October 10, 2008

Internet Interview

I was interviewed at VCon by Irma Arkus of Hi-Sci-Fi (Friday is Alright for Nerding): The Ultimate Geek Radio Show. We were in the swanky penthouse boudoir of Con Chair Danielle Stephens at Surrey's Compass Point Inn. The show airs on the internet Fridays 5-6 PM PST at 90.1 FM (CJSF) and my interview will be archived on the website when it is done being edited.

I am as curious as anyone else to know what I said. I'd been told it was for a student radio program, so I thought, great! No one will ever hear it! Consequently I was fairly playful and unguarded in my thoughts...

Oh, oh.

Well, time will tell.


Maggie Jones said...

I will most definately look out for that then Casey. Will it be just a text transcript or the actual sound recording of your voice I wonder? Would be great to hear your voice!

C. June Wolf said...

nope, it'll be the full meal deal--talk, laughter, (clearing throats???).