Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Mosque Among the Stars

A Mosque Among the Stars, edited by Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad and Ahmed Khan, is on the shelves!

"This anthology is an effort to use the medium of SF to raise the positive image of Islam in the West. The anthology features SF and fantasy stories that portray Islam and/or Muslims in a positive light."

And how is this for a lineup? (Notice anyone familiar in there?)

Table of Contents

Lucius Shepard: A Walk in the Garden
Tom Ligon: For a Little Price
Jetse De Vries: Cultural Clashes in Cadiz
Howard Jones: Servent of Iblis
Andrew Ferguson: Organic Geometry
Ahmed A. Khan: Synchronicity
Camille Alexa: The Weight of Space and Metal
G.W. Thomas: The Emissary
Kevin Miller: A Straight Path Through the Stars
Pamela Taylor: Recompense
C. June Wolf: Miss Lonelygenes' Secret
D.C. McMahon: Squat

Pages: 260
Price: $20 + shipping
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