Friday, January 23, 2009

New Stories Seeking Heat; Interview on

Hi! Too many silent nights since posting.

Not a lot to report in my quiet little world. A visit to family, four new stories and creeping along on The Novel. (I never pictured myself in that situation. A draft of a novel done and then tons more to do on it. I've always been a hit and run short story gal, myself. Lucky I like the book!)

The stories are "Spirits Rising" (changed to "Dreamcatcher", about a white artist who uses Haidi designs in her work--work that has deeper effects than she dreams, a metaphorical horror story that I am publishing under a pseudonym, a look into Irish culture in "Brideóg"*, and a nonspeculative story of a simple woman and her love of books.

(This wonderful picture, by the way, shows the station at KDLR radio, 1971.)

To my delight, has posted the interview they did with me at VCon in October. It is weird to listen to myself, but perhaps you will enjoy it. Here's a quote from one satisfied listener:

Just finished listening, and really enjoyed it. You handled yourself very well. I know the feeling of listening to your own interview--they could do that instead of waterboarding--but truly, you came off as very intelligent and self-assured. The kind of writer where people say, I trust that person to write something I'll enjoy.

Melanie Fogel,
Past Editor, Storyteller Magazine

HiSciFi @ VCon: C. June Wolf, author of Finding Creatures & Other Stories

* "Brideóg" will be published in Escape Clause, edited by Clelie Rich and published by InkOinkArt. The reading period is still open. If you would like to submit your work of poetry or fiction 2000-5000 words, check out this link.Happy writing, reading, listening, and publishing. Be well, all!


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Anonymous said...

Great Interview!

I had much fun listening to your interview, C. Very much you from beginning to end, always dancing between the hilarious, the irreverent and the inspiring. I know the book must be at least as entertaining as the interview...

Interesting last 5 minutes... We want to be able to buy the book down here in Ayiti, if you want to sell it!