Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Mosque Upon My Bookshelves!

At long last! My copies of A Mosque Among the Stars have arrived!

I haven't had a chance to do more than flip through this anthology of science fiction stories related to Muslims and Islam, but I am eager to see what the stories are like. My own "Miss Lonelygenes' Secret" is in it, along with "Squat", by Donna McMahon, "A Walk Through the Garden", by Lucius Shephard, and the intriguingly titled "The Weight of Space and Metal" by Camille Alexa. The cover is by
Lee Kuruganti.

Thanks for putting this together, Ahmed and Muhammad!

From the publisher's website:


Edited by Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmed and Ahmed A. Khan, this anthology features 12 SF stories (originals and reprints) that portray Islam or Muslim characters in a friendly light.

Table of Contents

Lucius Shepard: A Walk in the Garden
Tom Ligon: For a Little Price
Jetse De Vries: Cultural Clashes in Cadiz
Howard Jones: Servant of Iblis
Andrew Ferguson: Organic Geometry
Ahmed A. Khan: Synchronicity
Camille Alexa: The Weight of Space and Metal
G.W. Thomas: The Emissary
Kevin Miller: A Straight Path Through the Stars
Pamela Taylor: Recompense
C. June Wolf: Miss Lonelygenes' Secret
D.C. McMahon: Squat

Pages: 260
Price: $20 + shipping
To order: email zc.press@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Most excellent! My copy just arrived too, and I can't wait to read "Miss Lonelygenes' Secret"!

Thanks for posting the TOC.

C. June Wolf said...

Ah! The author of the intriguingly titled "Weight of Space and Metal"! Pleased to meet you, and happy to oblige with the TOC. I look forward to delving into your story as well.