Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle--Wow, My Heart.

When I went to You Tube and began to watch this video I had two reactions. I was delighted with Susan as she spoke and laughed, and twirled her hips most admirably, and I was sickened by the snickers and rolled eyes. If I hadn't trusted the woman who sent me the clip (Eileen Kernaghan) not to send me something terribly upsetting, I would have turned it off right then.

I have seen these shows in the past and their despicable treatment of people who don't fall into the audience and presenters' narrow view of what is beautiful and who is worthy. I avoid them firmly.

But I watched on. When Susan opened her mouth and began to sing tears sprang to my eyes. This was the beauty I see inside every squashed down working class kid and woman and man, every person who has been shunted and ignored and discriminated against, and it was rising like a plume of luminous joy from Susan and lighting everyone who heard.

For the moments she was singing, we were all there, all together, no one critical and nasty, no one hoping for someone to fail, no one terrified they were going to be the next one to be targeted. What an absolute moment of bliss.

Thank you, Susan, for your commitment to your dream, for not letting the sniggers extinguish you, for caring for your mum and caring for yourself. Thank you for showing your splendid face and heart, and for awakening our own lost dreams in our own burdened breasts all around the world.

Blessings, all.

I tried to upload the video but had problems. I'll try again but in the meantime, here is the link to the best version of Susan Boyle's triumph on You Tube.

Click here to hear the only song (so far!) that Susan has recorded on CD:
Cry Me a River.


Julie H. Ferguson said...

I'm with you 100%,sister: only you put my reaction better than I could ever do!

Tears rolled down my face when I first heard Susan sing on the evening news after seeing the reaction of the audience. What a cautionary tale about judgement.

C. June Wolf said...

Allelujah, Julie. I added a link to her other song, "Cry Me a River". Check it out--it is beautiful!