Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Breeze Scavenger Hunt

IWOFA is Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors. The group got started last year, and already the website has lots of things on it for both writers and readers. I've signed up for IWOFA's Summer Breeze Contest. It's a fun way to get a few books and other prizes, and costs nothing. You go to the site, choose the writers whose prizes you are interested in (they're all listed), and then answer the question associated with each of them. The answers, if you don't already know them, can be found on that person's blog or website.

Each of the writers is offering a prize, so you don't have to go to EVERY site in order to be eligible for some lovely gifty. I'm offering three books, all together. One is mine, Finding Creatures & Other Stories. One is the latest by Eileen Kernaghan, Wild Talent: a Novel of the Supernatural. The third is Holly Phillips' collection, In the Palace of Repose. So it is a good summer's worth of speculative fiction, indeed.

Unfortunately, because I entered my book in the No Se
x category, it has been slotted in Young Adult. Whereas many young adults would find the stories interesting and accessible, they were written for an adult audience. Just one that wasn't particularly randy at the time. Eileen's book is a YA, and Holly's is non-randy adult, like mine. The question you must answer to get my prize is:

What is the name of the protagonist in my first published speculative fiction story, "The Coin"?

Click on the button above, or right here, to get to the entry page. But why don't I give you the contest rules, first?

A. Click on the icon for the category you wish to enter.
B. Read the list of questions posed by the authors.
C. Download the answer sheet provided on the category page for the contest.
D. Follow the link to each author's website or blog.
E. Explore the website or blog until you find the answer. This may require reading excerpts or watching book videos, and fill in the answer sheet.
F. Save the answer sheet as directed OR copy it and paste it into the body of an email.
G. Use the "Click here to enter button" and email your answer sheet to the contest coordinator as outlined below.
6. How to Enter: Entries will be accepted by email to, (can be obtained by clicking on the “Click here to enter” button on the contest page) from 12:00 midnight on June 21, 2009 to 11:59 p.m. on June 30, 2009, Eastern (US) Standard Time.
7. All entry emails MUST contain the following:
A. Subject line should contain the category being entered: All Ages, Mainstream, or Explicit (Contestants may enter one, two, or all three categories, but each must be in a separate email.)
B. Contestant's legal name.
C. Contestant's email.
D. Mailing address.
E. The answer sheet containing the answers to the author questions for that category. ALL questions must be answered for the entry to be considered eligible.
8. Author Prizes: Each participating author is contributing an individual prize, as listed on the contest page. A winner for each individual prize will be drawn from among those contestants answering that author's question correctly.
9. Notification: Winners will be notified, by email, no later than June 30, 2009.
10. Privacy Notice:
A. Names and addresses are provided for the distribution of prizes only. The name and address of the winner of each author prize will be provided to that author, and then deleted after the prize has been sent. All other names and addresses will be viewed only by the contest coordinator and will be immediately deleted after winners have been notified. No solicitation or harvesting of names or addresses will be permitted.
B. Many authors do have email loops or newsletters for distributing information to readers. If contestants wish to be added to these mailing lists, a separate page with links to each author's email has been provided at:
11. Questions: For questions or rules clarifications, please contact the contest coordinator at Please put QUESTION in the subject line. If you are having difficulty accessing an author's site, please also let the coordinator know.
12. Content Warning: Books in the Mainstream and Explicit categories contain material not suited for younger readers.
13. Reading E-Book Prizes: On each category page, there is a table with download buttons for Adobe, Mobi, and Microsoft Reader. These are free programs to allow readers to open and read electronic books. There is also an explanation of how to transfer your free downloads to the Kindle electronic reader.

Back to the contest page!
Click the button(s) beside the author's name to enter his/her contest.
Book ratings indicate the heat level of the author's prize.

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