Saturday, December 01, 2012

Urgent Call for Poems about Trees from Poets who Love Them

Call out from Susan McCaslin -

The Han Shan Project: An Urgent Call for Poems about Trees from Poets 
who Love Them
Han Shan was an ancient Chinese poet who posted his poems on the trees 
and rocks of Cold Mountain. In the spirit of Han Shan….

o Join our effort to speak for the trees of McLellan Forest East, an 
endangered rainforest in Glen Valley, Langley, BC. It could be sold for 
private development and logged after Dec. 17th.

o Send us a tree poem and we’ll post it on a tree in the forest. One poem 
per poet. Keep it to one page with your name at the bottom. Small photo 

of you is okay.

o This is the west coast, so poems about species such as fir, hemlock, 
cedar, hemlock, spruce, bigleaf maple, black cottonwoods are especially 

o Send your poem immediately to Susan McCaslin who can provide more 
information about the forest and the issue.

Background: This remarkable and ecologically important forest will be 
sold by the Township of Langley for private development after Dec. 17 of 
this year if something radical is not done immediately to keep Council from 

For further information:

McLellan Park Blog
McLellan Park Blog
This is my offering:

For the trees of McLellan Forest East:

making way

above the railway cut there stands
the gauzy remainder of our trees
city sliced down cottonwoods
bitter cherries alders
lest they stumble and slide downslope
to this new train

black tangles against evening mauve
quiet empty yard 
enclave in a loud
forgetful neighbourhood
juncoes still visit bushtits still visit
coyotes and raccoons gone
ravens saw those great silver-sided leaves
settled down in the midst of city racket
to make their nest

in those days
when the clawing began within
i stood at my window and watched the trees
breathed with them for them
with the hesitating breeze
how I sorrowed at being unable to save
even one

Casey Wolf
Grandview Cut, Vancouver

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