Friday, May 23, 2014

VCon 39 Fast Upon Us

A headsup, a rather distant headsup, that is, for those Pacific Southwest Canadians (and our cousins across the 49th P) who are planning to come to this year's SF convention. Thrills and spills promised below:

VCON: Vancouver BC's premiere science fiction, fantasy and games convention, since 1971.
VCON 39 will be held October 3-5, 2014
at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford hotel
VCON 39 Theme:
Military Might
From Swords & Sorcery to Phasers & Grasers
VCON 39 is also CANVENTION 34!
Come join us for three days of fannish fun and multi-track programming including:
Art Show & Auction • Vendors Hall • Author Readings • 24-Hour Games Rooms
Multi-Author Book Launch • Writers Workshops • Demos • Academie Duello
Artists Alley • Frankenstuffies • Fan Groups • Costume Contest • Panels
Hospitality Suite • Dance • Elrons • Turkey Readings • Workshops
VCON 39 Guests of Honour:
Author GoH: David Weber
(Honor Harrington Series; Safehold Series, Dahak Series)

Artist GoH: David Mattingly
(Cover Illustrator for David Weber's Honor Harrington Books)

Game Design GoH: Bruce Heard
(Early TSR employee, BXMCI version of D&D - Mystara, World of Calidar)
Canvention 34 Guests of Honour:
Canvention Guest Author: Tarol Hunt

Canvention Guest Artist: Melissa Mary Duncan

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