Saturday, May 23, 2009

Finding Creatures Giveaway

SO YOU WANT TO READ A GOOD BOOK of short, smart, lyrical stories, but you just don't know how to get ahold of one?

WEEP NO MORE! It's the C. June Wolf Finding Creatures Giveaway!

Yes, my friends, I am avoiding working today on the many projects I've got going by reading discussion list mailings and browsing websites recommended by participants in said fora. And I thought, what a good idea Rosemary Jones had. I'm going to do that, too. Sorry, I am trying to hyperlink her name but it ain't working. Here's the unlinked url:

Taking a post from Rosemary's blog, I will explain the hows here:

Post a comment here on why you want a copy. I'll randomly draw a name and mail a free, signed copy to that person.

Don't post names, addresses, or personal information. I'll contact you if you win for the mailing address. Just tell me why you want to go exploring the realm of Casey's Creatures.

(I entered Rosemary's draw, by the way. She writes YA fantasy and her upcoming book is City of the Dead. Follow the url to enter hers as well.)



psst! if you want the scoop on Finding Creatures and Other Stories, you can get it at the publisher's website:


Robert said...

Well...I hate to confess this, but I'd like a copy of the book because I'm not all that familiar with your work, and since I specialize in Canadian Sf, I really ought to be.

Gemma said...

There are so many friends who would go CRAZY for this book - I have a copy so this one would brighten the day of someone else :-) *once I pick among the dozen names in my head :-P I wish EVERY ONE could read this book*
Gemma "ELF"

Yoda Mamma said...

Do I have to limit to just one reason?
One: I love the lady author.
Two: I want to read it
Three: I love the cover
Four: I lost many of my books and am trying to rebuild my library.

Irma Arkus said...

I too would love a copy.

Why? Not because I do or do not fondle books in bed at night. Not because I do or do not admire the crisp black text across the pages. But because I must read it.

Especially since I did an interview about the book, but never had a chance to get a copy. Pleeeease!

Päivi said...

I'd like the book because...
it is signed!
I have a copy already but am unable to resist the lure of the author's signature!

terriblelynne said...

I would love an autographed copy because...I've known Casey via mail for over a decade and have only had the joy of spending time with her in person once, and having something that she wrote with her lovely signature in it would maybe make me miss her just a little bit less.

GuySanto said...

Just because...

Anonymous said...

If Charles De lint did an intro. it must be interesting! He's one of my favorite Fantasy authors. It sounds like a fun read! I love to try out new authors. Yah, I'm a writer too, but I can't write novels, only Poetry.

Shaun said...

...because I would like to know the deep dark secrets of Casey Wolf's mind... and because I believe I can infer those from a close reading of her book... and because the name creatures is underused in Western society...

C. June (Casey) Wolf said...

ANONYMOUS AT 3:51 AM! Please leave some way of finding you in case you win the draw!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'd like another copy of the book because ..
I read it and loved it, I bought six or seven copies for friends and I ran out of money but not friends (who would love to read "Finding Creatures and other stories")


Anonymous said...

I'd love a copy of your book to read! My mum also would love to have a look when I'm done with it as she would actually use it with a group of ladies she works with who do healing, readings, and a lot of mixed spirit mediums.


Anonymous said...

GIVE ME A BOOK! BECAUSE I"M YOUR BROTHER! (Until dna tests prove otherwise)


Anonymous said...

Dear June

I am in Wales at the moment until the end of the month but I am interesting in getting a copy of your book, free or otherwsise. The cover looks great. The reason--I have just been working with animals in my T'ai Chi classes for the past year passing on the good word that we are all one of the Ten Thousand Things (Wan Wu) and should treat each other likewise. So I would be very interested in what you have to say on the subject in your stories. Casey has my address if you need it or else please wait until July and e-mail me again after I return home to Canada. I am here to do readings and even a Sacred Dance workshop for the Solstice this time.

Love and Blessings, Beryl