Saturday, May 30, 2009

French Language Publisher (or English Translator?) Needed for Haitian Author

I have a friend in Haiti who has written several books and would like to find a publisher for his first.

In April 2000, he went into hiding alone in the mountains to avoid being killed. When he finally came out, he went into a state of nervous collapse and was hospitalized. This book is a collection of poetry and creative nonfiction detailing that period of his life.

I do not know who to put him in touch with, but it would be a loss if his writings were never published. He is a visionary and works in creative and effective ways with his rural community to make it a place where the young people can thrive, rather than moving to the city. He also works with street kids and prostitutes.

Does anyone have any advice or names of publishers or agents who might be interested in this sort of material? Can you forward this to someone who might?
Many thanks.


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