Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chat & Interview a Raving Success! (Or am I Just Raving 'Cause I'm Tired???)

Who'da thunk typing for 14 hours could be so FUN?

OK, I was a wreck afterward, but I had a wonderful time talking with the people who came to my chat. We racked up over a hundred comments, and the conversation ranged over some really interesting stuff. I suppose it will remain up there on the Bitten By Books site - it's rather too long to post here! - so if you are curious you can pop over to Interview, Chat and Contest with Author C. June Wolf and leaf through the comments.

I find I am on tenterhooks, waiting to see who won the contest and what I will be writing for them. It's neat to be as eager about the prize as the particpants were!

I'm grateful to everyone who came and participated, and to Rachel for making the whole thing possible. And now I think I'll sleep for a thousand years.



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