Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Want Me to Write You a Story? Come to My Interview & Chat

It's true. If you enter, and win, I will write you a poem or a story (after consultation with you), and send you a copy of my book. Heck, I'll even phone you up and read you what I wrote, if you like. Or you may win a gift certificate for the Amazon of your choice. (You don't even have to tell me her name.)

So, Casey, tell me more.

On 23 September I'll be doing an interactive interview with Rachel at Bitten By Books, then settling down to answer questions and chat with whoever logs in to talk with me that day. If you have some spare time I'd love to have you stop in for a blab.

When it came time to decide what treasures to give away for the contest part of the event, I thought, why not do something fun? I could give a gift bag or gift certificate - but with a gift bag, what's fun for me might be ho hum for someone else. Could I be sure I wasn't the only one who'd enjoy an Insects of the World shower curtain???

I discovered some time ago that I like writing to themes. Normally I sit down and just write. But sometimes there is a theme that attracts my attention and I decide to write a story for it. I end up in places I might never have gotten to otherwise. (No, not the St. John's jail. That was something else altogether.) I like that.

So here is what I'm offering:

One Prize: A story written for You. You choose the genre and the time period. Tell me up to three things about the protagonist (a name, an ability, something she hates or something she likes – it’s up to you) and I will do the rest. Or you can choose a theme - say, art and the paranormal or alien shopping or whatever you’re curious about, and I’ll come up with the character, etc. Or you can leave it all up to me. In any case, tell me a little about yourself and what you like or what is important to you, and I will bear that in mind as I write. The publishing rights remain with me, but the story is dedicated to you and you see it first. I’ll send you a signed printout when it’s done. Heck, if you like I’ll call and read it to you. Plus you will receive a personalized signed copy of Finding Creatures & Other Stories. (Note: writing a story takes time! This won’t come instantly but it’ll get there soon enough.)

Another Prize: A personalized signed copy of Finding Creatures & Other Stories plus a poem in the genre of your choice. Choose one element of the poem and I’ll do the rest. See One Prize above for details.

And Another Prize: An Amazon gift card worth $40 CDN at the Amazon that serves your area (.ca, .com, .uk…).

There are a number of ways you can enter the contest - I don't recall them all but they'll be posted on the day. They involve things like buying a copy of my book, blogging or tweeting about it, asking me a question - nothing too painful.

So think about it. What genre would you like to test me on? Want to be in your own story? Want to hear about Giant Pandas on the moon? Whatever. Ask, and you shall receive.



Anonymous said...

Dear, C. June Wolf,
Those prizes are amazing!!!!!!! How long do you think it might take you to write the story? or does it depend on what the winner asks for?

-Rose G.

C. June (Casey) Wolf said...

Excellent question, Rose! It really does depend on how flummoxed I am by what the winners ask for.

Sometimes an idea just sparks and I write furiously for a couple of hours, go back a few times over the next several days to make changes and corrections, and voila! It's done.

Other times I have to ponder a fair while first, then sit down and write, get up and pace, go out and live, and try again the next day. That can take a lot longer.

I can't say I like one route more than the other. They lead to different kinds of stories, I think, that just need to be written in different ways. But no matter how it happens, I love the gradual revelation of the tale. It takes me as much by surprise as anyone else!