Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still Time to Nominate, ahem, for Prix Aurora Award...

Shameless self-promotion warning!!!

I notice some of my colleagues are gently advertising the fact that their recent works are eligible for nomination for Aurora Awards. Well, so are a couple of mine, in the category "Best Short-Form Work In English – 2009".

To wit:

"The Brídeog" in Escape Clause, edited by Clélie Rich, and "Dreamcatcher" in Room Magazine, Vol. 32.2.

Anyone who is a citizen or resident of Canada can submit a nomination. Nominations are free and can be submitted by mail or online. Nominations end on February 15/2010; Mail-in Nominations must be postmarked by February 5/2010. Go here for the form, and please nominate other favourite Canadian works, individuals, etc. in the categories available:

If you haven't read these two stories and would like to have a peek let me know.


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