Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Update on Dad, plus Fog

It's been a while since I posted anything here.

My dad died on 10 December and I stayed on in Manitoba for the funeral and to hang out with the family awhile. I'm back in Vancouver but the strain of events has triggered full-blown fibromyalgia and fatigue; not getting much done besides comforting the sick I have discovered on returning here. Elisa Jankowski's story is half-written, Bee's book is half-edited, the second draft of my novel is sleeping under dust. Not the end, just an interlude, but I do miss having the energy to do more than peer over the edge of my blanket and pet the cats.

Sweet blessings of the new year on all.



A. Hiscock said...

You're in my thoughts and my heart, Casey.


Casey Wolf said...

Thanks, Autumn. I tried answering weeks ago but Blogger kept butting me out so I gave up.

I appreciate your comment.