Friday, July 24, 2009

17 Things About My Brain (The EC PR Q)

Kit St. Germaine of Escape Clause has sent the contributors a list of questions to answer (or not) to stir up a little interest in the upcoming book. I have dutifully answered them and am now ripping them off whole cloth for my blog. I think Kit will be just fine with this, as it will remind you of the anthology which is Coming Soon.

Check out some of the links here. Some are just dull old Wikipedia infodumps, but there are some good one. The archived news report of a move to ban Margaret Laurence's books, for instance, downloadable copies of Kim, an excerpt from Joyce read aloud, and games for both Sam-I-Am and Captain Underpants.


Escapees P.R. quiz:

1. If you could wave a hand and instantly change any 2 things in the world what would they be?

- All people would have the courage to look deeply at what is in front of them and to face their feelings, embracing all others (human or rock) as a result. I think that would take care of all the crap and make life a lot more fun, too.

- Two more moons. Including one really big one. Oh, the tides...

2. Have you ever encountered an alien?/ Do you think aliens exist?

Other than my mitochondria? To my knowledge I haven't. If aliens do NOT exist I'd be very surprised.

3. If you had an avatar, representing you in the world what would it look like/be/do/ be named.

My avatar would be a cocker spaniel cross, very friendly though a bit confused. Her name would be Febianne and she would be smiling, a little worriedly.

4. …Or; If you were a super-hero, what would your name/power be?

To heck with "or".

If I was a super-hero I would be Primordial Ooze Girl, capable of creating whatever is needed, given time. A lot of time.

5. What do you like most in yourself?

My hard-earned kindness.

6. What do you like most in others?

Knowing when to let it go. And when to hang in.

7. What is your most precious possession?

My life.

8. Name a few of your favorite literary characters.

Tweel, the leggy Martian in Stanley Weinbaum's 1934 story, "A Martian Odyssey".
Fionn macCumhaill of the Fenian Cycle of Irish myths.
Hagar Shipley of Margaret Lawrence's The Stone Angel.
Gwynneve in Kate Horsley's Confessions of a Pagan Nun. (All time stupidest title but an amazing book. I blame the publisher. Please may I blame the publisher?)
Sam-I-Am (needs no introduction).
Captain Underpants, Dav Pilkey.
of Archie and Mehitabel, Don Marquis.
Avram Davidson's recurring character, Jack Limekiller.
Jonnie Dash in Rosa Guy's The Sun, the Sea, a Touch of the Wind.
Benjamin January in Barbara Hambly's A Free Man of Color...
Ben in Meja Mwangi's Going Down River Road.
Rudyard Kipling's Kim. and last but not least: Jirel in Jirel of Joiry, by

Sorry you asked???

9. If someone was telling the story of your life what detail would you most wish that they included.

I meant well.

10. If you could team up with a fantastical being who would that being be?

Animal Man.

11. What is your beauty regimen.

Wash. Brush. Dress. The usual.

12. If you could instantly know something, just download any information and know it comprehensively-- what would that be.

All things Physical Scientific, extra-specially the Biologies and Geologies.

13. If you could have lunch with any person at any time in history, who would that be, what would you chat about, what would you eat

Any of my great-ancestors. Who they were, what their lives were like. Biscuits and butter.

14. What would you consider a good time to lie?

Anytime someone has a gun pulled on me.

15. What author wows you?

James Joyce.

16. What words do you overuse when speaking? / writing?

speaking: $@*!/ writing: little

17. What would give you the greatest happiness?

After world peace??? Giving up fear.

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