Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who Gets to Read (Finding Creatures)? The Giveaway Pays Out.

Budapest-born photographer André Kertész gained inspiration for many of his best shots though his preoccupation with reading and the written word. His work is celebrated in a new exhibition, On Reading, at the Photographers' Gallery, London until 4 October 2009

The Great Moment Arrives.

The "Finding Creatures & Other Stories" Book Giveaway - Today is the draw.

I've written out all the names (from various sources) and put them in a bag. I am fluffing the names around with my trusty digits to be sure they are well mixed up. And now, I carefully withdraw but one white slip..........

Janeena Woodville! You can look forward to a copy of my book winging its way to you in wee winterly Australia. Enjoy, and thanks to all for entering the draw.

(Gosh I love playing hawker. Who'da thunk it?)


No giveaway would be complete without the response of the winner:

Good Morning Casey, from a freezing south coast of NSW. My dam was frozen over this morning. Totally unheard of in our temperate climate.

Wow, I really won your book? That's fantastic. You've made my day. I am thrilled. Thanks heaps.

Really looking forward to reading it.

Cheers and Blessings, Janeena

And a last note on the matter:

Hi Casey,

Lovely. Something to look forward to. I did wonder about the postage. Bloody expensive to send anything overseas. Trust you to get a winner in another country...

I've decided that once I've read your book i will send it on to Josie in Tasmania and ask her to then send it to Rowan. That way there will be more than one winner. If there's anyone else in Australia who you know and would like to see your book let me know and I'll add them to the list. It can be a 'chain book.' What do you think?

Thanks also to my sister Joanne for pointing me toward the photo above. Reading, in all circumstances. Have a look at all 9 pictures linked to from the image above. Really something.

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