Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun Times in Strange Lands: A TOC Emerges

Ahmed is always publishing OUR stories. So why not plug one of his own books? This cover is from his first YA book, Ghelenden, from Whortleberry Press.

Ahmed Khan has announced the finalized table of contents for his upcoming YA SF anthology, Fun Times in Strange Lands. And here she be:

J.P. Boyd: "The Boy Scout with Three Heads"
David M. Fitzpatrick: "Four Young Ones and a Terrible Dragon"
Nancy Fulda: "Hexes and Tooth Decay"
Ralph Gamelli: "Rainy Afternoon, with Brain
Ahmed A. Khan: "Promises to Keep"

Ted Kosmatka: "The Last Teddy Bear
Brian Lawrence: "Mother’s Comfort"

Kevin James Miller: "The Beautiful Truth
Marian Powell: "When the Earth’s No Longer Silver"
Mark Rayner: "Hounding Manny"
David M. Simon: "In Search of Ancient Underwear"
Casey Wolf & Paivi Kuosmanen: "Triona’s Beans"

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