Monday, October 05, 2009


As you may know, I suffer from fibromyalgia. This makes it difficult to write or mouse for long periods of time, and leaves me suffering sometimes for weeks if I do too much.

Some while ago, my very kind sister Ani sent me Dragon Naturally Speaking 7. This software enables the user to speak into a microphone while it transcribes
their words. The idea is sublime. The reality, however is not quite perfect. Despite buying a highly recommended Logitech microphone headset, and patiently training myself with the DNS7 software, I end up reading like a computer on crack. What I could type in ten seconds takes ten minutes to bugger up completely.

Below, I give you my first dictation using Dragon Naturally Speaking 7...

Her Eyebrows
and take her across the room, and saw she was a night of blue. She walked. Its error beneath her seats at the Whitney her at-bat at a but at a at a to a but to the lower than.
The wonderful thoughts of being able to speak and have my words transcribed is somewhat more enticing than the reality that I see before me.
I was walking down the street, the other day. When I noticed a man across from me. I did not realize that he was the one I was meant to see. All is well in love and war. My bladder is full. My bladder is so very full. My bladder is so-so Bucking bucking bull. She could, and at at-bat at to neck, her eyebrows
I have not given up. I will prevail. But not today.


wee squirrel on the world tree said...

LOL - any updates?

Casey Wolf said...

I confess I haven't gotten back to it. Kat says she has the most recent and it's pretty good, but haven't tried it on her computer yet...

Glad you enjoyed the prose.