Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Review! by Lorina Stephens

Review: Finding Creatures & other stories

The cover of C. June Wolf’s collection of speculative shorts was enough to snare my attention, although the title supported that dynamic image. Then when I saw the man himself, Charles de Lint, had given his unequivocal support to the publication, I knew I would put aside everything else on my reading mountain.

It was an excellent decision.

There are fifteen stories that make up this eclectic collection, ranging from pure speculative, science fiction, fantasy and urban reality. They are all of them quiet, introspective tales, very Canadian in nature although certainly Wolf’s milieux range from unknown geographies of space, to the devastating poverty of Haiti and the cerebral spaces of the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Her geographies may vary, but Wolf’s themes remain central to the exploration of the human, and sometimes not so human, responses to sciences, situations and challenges, revealing our inner natures with a deft, honest hand that is absolutely readable and memorable.

By far, Finding Creatures & other stories is the best body of short, speculative fiction I’ve read all year, and certainly deserving of critical acclaim.

The only criticism I have is the publisher, Wattle and Daub Books, has very limited distribution and their website has little information to assist you to purchase (no price), although there is a link where the collection is available:

It’s worth tracking down; you won’t be disappointed.

Finding Creatures & other stories

C. June Wolf

ISBN 9780981065809

Wattle & Daub Books (2008)

Trade Paperback 5.5” x 8.5”, 240 pgs


Casey Wolf said...

Thanks for this review, Lorina! I'm so glad you liked the book.

The publisher's website actually does state the price in a couple of places (the page the book is described on - Books: 2008 Fall - and the Orders page.) There are also PayPal buttons on the Orders page, so you can see what the shipping costs are, too.

Hopefully the distribution will improve, though I do agree it is pretty puny at the moment! So I thank you for spreading the word.


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