Saturday, September 24, 2011

"After Hours" Podcast live at Beam Me Up!

She's up. "After Hours at the Black Hole" aired today at WRFR in Rockland, Maine and on the Internet at Beam Me Up! In addition to my story, there is one by Devin Miller of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. "Good Business with Guns" is fun, and well read by Ron Huber. If you want to skip straight to my story (though why would you?) I believe it is at 28 minutes and 40 sec into the show, IIRC.

In his introduction, Paul Cole mentions another story I sent him (that would be "Claude and the Henry Moores") which he hopes I will record for him within the month. So I have pencilled that in and look forward to another podcast with Beam Me Up! in the not too distant future.

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