Friday, September 02, 2011

The Reading of Archy

I like reading to people. You may have heard me say this before. You may even have heard me read.

Well, it finally occurred to me that I could take this passion to YOUtubb. Then late at night when I have the urge to read a bedtime story, or in the heat of the afternoon when nothing cools like Lucan, I can curl up with a nice cosy webcam and a handful of book and have at it.

As I did tonight.

Behold: Casey Wolf reading Don Marquis, wherein Archy the cockroach proclaims himself to the New York Sun newspaper office, 1927. To wit, the coming of archy, from The Lives and Times of Archy and Mehitabel.

Good lord! The picture looks dreadful! C'est la vie. The story is good.

This video can also be found on YOUtubb, where you will find it nestled among others' tributes to the great Don Marquis.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Oh the internet! Love your reading Casey, very amusing and entertaining! I will enjoy these readings(almost like visits) while I'm in France. It will be like I never left! I still have the song on my phone,I'll need that on video too, since I won't be taking that phone to France and don't know how to take the song with me! love, Erica

Casey Wolf said...

!I will definitely consider this, Erika! I wouldn't want you to be without The Island.

(I'm going to miss you, kid.)