Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kidnapped (written by RLS, read by CJW)

I've uploaded my 2nd YouTube "reading" video. The last was from Don Marquis' The Lives and Times of Archy and Mehitabel. This is from Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. I love this book. (This link takes you to Gutenberg books, where you can download the novel.)

I'm still finding my "intro" style. There is a weird eyeball (mine) looking at you at the beginning of this video and that, plus the peculiar "hello", gives the wrong impression of what you will encounter if you continue watching. I'll sort it out. Meanwhile it is very fun to be doing these little readings, to share my great affection for a book while getting to horse around (er, perform), too.

I've got a couple more in the bag but I won't be posting more than one a week. You can look forward to A Wizard of Earthsea, by Ursula K Le Guin, "The Golem", by Avram Davidson, and "M’ap Ekri Youn Powèm/I’m Writing a Poem", by Togiram (Emil Selesten-Meji). That last is from a collection of Haitian Creole poetry that gives the full Kreyol version followed by an English translation. (Open Gate.)

Anyway, here's Bob Louis, courtesy of Casey June:


Paul said...

Lovely reading Casey!
The introduction you did at the beginning is the charmingest part.
The camera treated you much better on this one too.
I'm looking forward to more readings. It's a wonderful idea, putting these up on the web.
Thanks again!


Casey Wolf said...

Glad you like 'em, Paul! It's good to know you're out there listening.